Earn Money For Just Sharing Your Internet Connection (Get 5$ Bonus)

 With new internet money making opportunities, earning a side income has never been easier. But do you know what's even simpler? Earning money by doing nothing!  This is what Honeygain has to give to those who don't have the time to put in the effort.  Honeygain allows you to make money just by sharing your Internet connection.

In terms of technology, the app allows users to earn money by leasing their bandwidth to the corporation. Users only need to download and install the software on their PCs to achieve this. It's that easy! Honeygain will use your home internet's idle time to perform tasks on their server in the background.

How does HoneyGain Plateform work?

Your network is used by the company for marketing and search engine optimization, and it is shared with partner businesses. This involves no effort on your part other than downloading the software and allowing it to run on your smartphone or laptop.It may be installed on any platform, including Windows, Mac, Android, and Apple devices.Users can connect up to five devices to the internet, but it is advised that only one device per IP address be connected.

The company consumes no more than 10% of your internet bandwidth. Depending on your data or internet package, the shared bandwidth may fluctuate between 2 MB and 15 MB throughout the day. 

The Requirements

Here’s what you need to get started:

1. To start, go to the Honeygain website and download the app according to your system requirements (Windows, Android, Mac, etc. ) 

2. Sign up to create an account on the app. You will then be required to add your name, payment methods, and the IP address of the device. On your first sign up you will receive a $5 bonus for joining.

3. Once registered, you will specify and set the amount of how much bandwidth the company can use. Keep in mind that this will not exceed 10% of the internet at any available time.  

4. You can now start earning by letting the app run in the background. Simply leave your device on and you will continue to earn.Users can also earn bonuses by inviting friends to use Honeygain. Once you install the software, you will receive an invitation link that you can share on social media platforms and invite other people to install it as well. Every time a new person joins Honeygain through your referral link, you will be paid a small commission for it.

Payments & Ways To Earn More from Using HoneyGain !

Each Mb of internet is paid for by the company. You will receive credits for providing your data, and the amount of money you earn will be determined by this credit.
Users get rewarded $0.01 for 10 credits(Mbits).
The amount you earn is determined by the number of devices using the software and the amount of bandwidth available. Additionally, you may use the Honeygain app's calculator to check and calculate your earnings. 

You can use those earning to cover your trading fees or any crypto trensactions fee like how i'm personally doing especially that they did add a crypto payment method (JPMT) and its worth almost $2 Now (28 February 2022), and users can even get a 50% bonus of gatthered data earnings when they use that payment method !!

And above all that you get a random number of points every 24 hours when you open "the Jar Bonus"


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